THE NIGHT OF UNIVERSITY SPORTS (2004, 2005, 2006) – main goal of this event is to present to public and especially to students of University of Zagreb, individuals who apart from their academic education are developing their personality through sports.

Up to this time this event has hosted many known athletes with academic accomplishment such as Gordan Kozulj, Tomislav Smoljanovic, Tomislav Hohnjec, Ninoslav Saraga...


FACULTY OF ECONOMICS & BUSINESS BOAT RACE (2005, 2006) – it takes place by the end of March in the early Spring. The held competition is between student crews from Faculties of Economics & Business in Croatia and visiting universities throughout this region.

In this event races between company crews and media houses crews also take place, which makes this race very attractive to the business community.


FRIENDLY INTERNATIONAL BOAT RACE IN PIRANSKI ZALJEV ''OTVARAMO GRANICE EUROPE – FIVE MILES CHALLENGE'' – was held between Croatian and Slovenian students anent The Day of Europe (09.05.2005.).


SPRINT RACE ''TORO – CHALLENGE'' (2004, 2005, 2006) – goal of this event is to create athletic rivalry between Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering Zagreb and Faculty of Economics & Business Zagreb exemplary to the boat race between University of Cambridge and University of Oxford.

With this race we want to attract talented men and women rowers to these faculties but also encourage affiliation to them.

The race is being held on the Lake Sabljaci near Ogulin in mid October, and traditional challenge between deans and rowing team captains precede it.

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